25.05.2017 | 17:00 | Max-Planck-Institut | Raum 014

Vortrag von Moshe Hirsch


Referent: Moshe Hirsch (Von Hofmannsthal Professor of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Co-director of the International Law Forum at the Hebrew University Law Faculty)

"The Role of International Tribunals in the Construction of Historical Narratives"

Sprache der Veranstaltung ist Englisch.

About the presentation:
Is it desirable for non-criminal international tribunals to be employed in constructing collective memories? The article will explore this question from three major sociological perspectives: the structural-functional approach, the symbolic-interactionist perspective, and the social conflict approach. These three theoretical approaches suggest different answers to the above question, and offer different guidelines concerning the involvement of international tribunals in the development of historical narratives. The answer provided to this question may generate some practical judicial results, such as those relating to the presentation of a historical narrative in judgements, exercise of discretion regarding the admissibility of the case, or influencing the remedies ordered by international tribunals.